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Buried Secrets: A Psychological Suspense Novella

Buried Secrets: A Psychological Suspense Novella

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About this book:

A destitute young man. Wanted dead by a criminal mastermind. Will he prove to be the downfall of the psychopath?

Dylan Roche is shocked. The twenty-five-year-old management trainee is astonished by the visit of an attorney. After years of blissful ignorance of his heritage, he is leery of the invitation to visit his wealthy maternal grandmother.

Wishing his mother was alive to advise him, Dylan sets off to investigate the family’s history, despite his feeling of foreboding. But with the sinister maniac creeping at each turn, he fears his mother’s faith in him was grossly misplaced.

Will Dylan find the secret hidden by his mother and survive the attack by the lunatic?

Amazon Review:  

I loved the short chapters, the twists and turns and the intrigue. Can’t wait for the next book. - Jane
Tropes: Secrets, Family, Reunion

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