Celebrate Lit Blog Tour Review

Dec 22, 2023 by S. F. Baumgartner

My Review: 

Layers, this book has layers. It has suspense and twists, spies and deep secrets, and in short is my kind of interesting story. There's the fight to stop a bio-warfare weapon and a grown child who just wants her parents, Lilly. Everyone has a secret in here, do they connect? Do the secrets all intertwine, or not? This actually is a thriller that will keep you awake reading. There's politics involved, but there usually is in real life, more so for fiction. A prequel is before this book, and I do wish I could have read that first. That would have fixed my lost feeling or that I was playing catch-up sometimes. I love books or shows with many, many characters and this has that as well. If you are seeking a romance, no need to worry, that's included as well. It's a clean read, with light faith aspects that are a little harder to define. 

4 Stars