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Forgotten Secret - paperback
SKU: 979-8-9879494-9-8

A determined journalist. An unknown malevolent force. Will she unlock her past before succumbing to evil?
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Mirror Estate Short Stories Collection Vol. 1-3
SKU: 979-8-9894474-3-5

This gripping collection of stories from the Mirror Estate series introduces readers to characters both old and new. Dive into the past of Dylan's parents and other characters in Volume 1, and get to know new faces in Volumes 2 and 3.
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Living Secrets - Paperback
SKU: 979-8-9879494-5-0

Can the secret love child of a U.S. Senator deliver the cure for a bioterror threat before time runs out?
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Buried Secrets - Paperback
SKU: 979-8-9879494-1-2

A destitute young man. Wanted dead by a criminal mastermind. Will he prove to be the downfall of the psychopath?

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