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Tangled Secrets
SKU: 979-8-9894474-5-9

Two women. One targeted by an unknown enemy. One accused of murder. Will they overcome their obstacles?
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Forgotten Secret
SKU: 979-8-9897494-8-1

A determined journalist. An unknown malevolent force. Will she unlock her past before succumbing to evil?

For two decades, forty-four-year-old magazine writer Clara Khoury has lived with missing pieces of herself—her memory. When the recent discovery of a young woman’s remains triggers her, she’s compelled to investigate. Now, her disturbing past threatens her contented present, someone frames her husband, and their daughter is abducted. If she can’t uncover the truth, she might lose everyone she loves.

Locked within Clara’s shattered mind are the keys to crimes past and present. Can she recover the forgotten secret before losing her family?

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Living Secrets
SKU: 979-8-987949-4-4-3

Lily Tso is bored and unfulfilled. Orphaned at birth, the twenty-two-year-old Hotel Guest Service Officer is overwhelmed to discover her parents are alive. But the young woman fears she’s woefully unprepared for a treacherous operation to save America and to meet her parents.

Teaming up with an FBI Special Agent and a young tycoon, Lily sets out on a dangerous mission to prevent a heinous biological attack. But as unknown forces bent on thwarting her attempt, she fears time is running out for both her and the country she calls her new home.

Will Lily be able to survive the attacks and save America from certain doom?
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Buried Secrets
SKU: 979-8-9879494-0-5

A destitute young man. Wanted dead by a criminal mastermind. Will he prove to be the downfall of the psychopath?

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