Dive into the Enchanting World of Forgotten Secret!

Jan 11, 2024 by S. F. Baumgartner

I have great news for all the fans of the Mirror Estate series. The eagerly awaited release, Forgotten Secret, is finally here and available on Amazon. If you haven't yet delved into this series, now is the perfect time to start!

Forgotten Secret, the second book in the Mirror Estate series, continues to unravel the mysteries and secrets that surround the core characters and introduce a couple of new ones. Step into the shoes of the characters as they navigate a web of intrigue, suspense, and the unexpected.

For those who enjoy a mix of short stories, the Short Stories Collection, comprising volumes 1-3, is also available on Amazon.  These stories introduce characters in an upcoming installment as well as some back stories of recurring characters.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, rejoice! Both Forgotten Secret and the Short Stories Collection can be accessed for free as part of your membership.

Forgotten Secret can be enjoyed in various formats. Whether you prefer the convenience of e-books, the satisfaction of holding a paperback, the readability of large print, or the durability of hardcover editions, the choice is yours. 

For those new to the Mirror Estate series, it is recommended to start with Buried Secrets, the prequel that introduces the first set of characters. From there, proceed to Living Secrets, the first book in the series. However, fret not if you haven't read these books yet; on the author's website and within the e-books, you can find downloadable recaps that will ensure you don't miss a beat.

In addition, to help keep track of the myriad characters and their intricate relationships, an informative relationship chart is available. This handy tool will assist you in navigating the interconnected lives that intertwine within the Mirror Estate.